Crowns and Veneers


Crowns are natural looking, non-removable covers that fit over prepared teeth and are permanently cemented or bonded into place. They look like and function like a normal tooth and will generally improve the appearance. They are used to restore badly broken down teeth, when a tooth is fractured or when a large filling is in place. In many cases after root canal treatment a crown will be advised where the remaining tooth structure is minimal. Root filled teeth also become brittle over time leaving them more susceptible to fracture.


Veneers are a thin cover that can be placed over the natural tooth. They are custom made and can camouflage broken teeth, discoloured and crooked teeth, fill gaps and straighten teeth. They are reasonably conservative and not a lot, if any, of the natural tooth will be altered in the preparation for the veneer. They are not for everyone and each case requires careful assessment.